Zaheer Abbas Shares His View on Downfall of Pakistan Cricket

Zaheer Abbas Shares His View on Downfall of Pakistan Cricket

The president of ICC Zaheer Abbas said in a recent interview that lack of exposure and opportunities has been the major cause of the recent demise of Pakistan cricket. He said, “Our players aren’t getting right exposure and opportunities. They are not part of the IPL either. I really feel sorry about our young players who cannot play cricket at the international level or at home against the touring sides.”

Asian Bradman further expressed his distress that there have not been any legends produced by Pakistan Cricket in recent times to whom young players can look and follow.

For the country that owns a legacy and rich history of the game, it is quite saddening to see how things are going on nowadays. Zaheer Abbas was of the opinion that the country which once was a breeding ground for legends is in a state where they have to think of playing in the qualifying rounds of major ICC events.

He further added that it pains him to look at what national team has turned into now, not coming up with any quality performances that used to be aplenty once. He said that the players aren’t producing the kind of performances that are expected from them and that they have produced many times before as well. In past decades the youngsters had quite a few legends and idols to follow and these days we have to look at Indian players.

ICC president, who is going to step down on 27th of July from his post after completing his one-year tenure, said that Pakistan Cricket hasn’t yet recovered from the aftershocks of the terrorist attack on Sri Lankan team back in 2009.

“It will definitely take more time until International Cricket comes back to Pakistan. A lot will depend on how the situation is going to be in future back home. But I’m pretty optimistic that the scenario is continuously improving in this specific context,” Zaheer said.

Zaheer Abbas

He said that he had really enjoyed his time as the President of the International Cricket Council and it helped him learn so much as well. He said that he has done everything he could for helping the PCB in convincing other cricket boards that they should play a supporting role towards Pakistan cricket and send their national teams on Pakistan tours, and things appear to have moved forward quite a bit.

Zaheer was quite optimistic and in his opinion though it will take some time for the revival of cricket in the country but sooner or later it is going to happen. Teams will start visiting Pakistan as the situation keeps getting better and this will help a lot in boosting confidence of the young players and will help them take advantage of the home conditions and come on top with their A game.

Though he hasn’t got much time left in his career as ICC President, but he has done a lot to contribute to the betterment of Pakistan Cricket and will keep doing so until he steps down.

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